TESTING/About my day

Just testing to see if my website is automatically sending out the new blog.  If you get this, then you will be blessed to know it works.  I love you and pray you all have a blessed day, all 3 of you.


OK Seriously, here’s a little tidbit I was thinking about earlier.  Isn’t it awesome that God has given us everything in Christ Jesus?  He is all we need, it does not depend on me an any way.  My salvation and position with God don’t depend on how good I am doing, it only depends on how good Jesus is.


I bought some tools today from a guy on Craigslist, saved a lot of money.  That was a real blessing.  Pray for me as I move into attempting to build a storage building.  I’ll take pictures and post them.

OK, gotta run.  Dawna is cooking an awesome supper.


Earnestly contending for the faith,