A great day.

Yesterday, Dawna and I had an amazing day.  I got up before Dawna, as usual, and had some time to myself.  I had a prayer time and asked God to help me be agreeable and not be a jerk to Dawna.

We lounged around the house until around 1PM.  I was working on my website, Dawna reading the news.  It was very refreshing.  I had told her 2 nights before on Sunday I wanted to go to see the movie “Risen” and also do some shopping.  We left the house around 1:45 and went to town.  We spent some time at a hardware store, western store, Walmart (of course), and ate at a local Mexican restaurant.  I swung through the car wash and cleaned up her ride real nice.  We finished out the night watching the movie “Risen” at the movie theater.

Here’s the point of the whole post:  When we got home, Dawna said to me, “Today was a great day, you didn’t get mad at me once.”

I know she didn’t mean anything particularly hurtful or bad with that statement, she was really happy with how our day went.   I am as well.

Last night when I went to bed, the thought kept going thru my mind.  “How sad it is for us that our day is gauged based on whether or not I got angry with my wife.  What does that really say about me?”

The last person in the world I ever want to hurt is Dawna.  She is by far the most important person in my world.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her
 Eph 5:25


I’ve come to the conclusion I haven’t loved my wife in the area of controlling my anger.  I’m not an angry person, it just seems my frustrations always seem to come out at her.

No more.

“Lord, I break the agreement I have made that it is OK to get angry and take out my frustrations on my wife.  I confess she is your Daughter and she deserves everything you have given her in Christ Jesus.  Forgive my mistreatment of her and help me to love her with the same love you have for your church.”


Earnestly contending for the faith,